The Impact of Gifts

Barbara and Maurice MS’52 Aegerter

Student Support: Music + Math = Love

A UW degree can open doors to a dream career, but for some, cost is too big an obstacle, forcing students to compromise or even give up their ambitions. Barbara and Maurice MS’52 Aegerter hope that future generations of Badgers won’t have to sacrifice as they did.

A field of cereal rye is roll-crimped, an organic weed-suppression method.

Organically Grown at UW

It’s no secret that Wisconsin is a national leader in organic agriculture. The state boasts the second-highest number of organic farms in the U.S. and ranks third in total organic acres. Perhaps less understood is that UW has long been a quiet powerhouse in organic research, extension, and education; and this year, a dedicated group of faculty and staff are doing everything they can to remove “quiet” from that description.