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Van Hise Society

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s most generous lifetime donors are recognized by the Van Hise Society. This society was named in honor of the UW’s 10th president, Charles R. Van Hise who originally developed the concept of the Wisconsin Idea – knowledge created at the UW should be shared and applied beyond the borders of campus.… Read more »

Katrina Van Dyke- Discovering Her True Calling

Academics and a family tradition of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison drew Katrina Van Dyke to the state’s flagship university. And she arrived with a plan. Finish a genetics major in four years and continue in the graduate program in genetics counseling.

Van Hise Society Weekend

Thank you so much for joining fellow members of the Van Hise Society for such a special time at our recent event.

Van Hise Society 2019 Fall Gathering

The evening of September 27, 2019, gave way to a momentous celebration at the Hamel Music Center. Van Hise Society members and their guests marveled at the innovative architecture and locally sourced materials while enjoying live musical performances. Please enjoy this photo gallery from our exceptional event.