Featured Gift Planning Articles

Use Your IRA Funds for Tax-Advantaged Giving

If you are charitably inclined, own an individual retirement account (IRA), and are aged 70½ or older, you can make contributions directly from your IRA to qualified charitable organizations.

August Is National Make-A-Will Month. Is It Time to Create or Update Your Will?

Did you know that 56 percent of Americans either do not have an estate plan or have one that needs to be updated to meet their current circumstances?

Six Ways to Distribute Your Assets

One of your most precious legal rights is the ability to distribute the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating to the people and charitable organizations that matter most to you.

Reduce Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits

Many older people benefit from making gifts directly from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Why Now Is a Good Time to Make a Planned Gift with Appreciated Stock

This month’s article explains how you can take advantage of a tax-savvy charitable giving opportunity while rebalancing your portfolio.