Featured Gift Planning Articles

A Beneficiary from the Heart

A second-generation Badger, Peter Hartman ’70 has developed strong ties to the state of Wisconsin and UW–Madison throughout his life.

It’s Time to Plant Your Garden … and Your Estate!

Planning what you will grow in your garden typically requires following a few steps.

Make the Pieces Fit to Solve a Gift-Planning Puzzle

Sometimes a gift plan is like a jigsaw puzzle: the various pieces must fit together perfectly to complete the picture.

Who Are the Three Primary Members of Your Charitable-Planning Team?

For most people, making a charitable gift is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Sure, many of us say yes to making small gifts: rounding up purchases at the drug store for a worthy cause or dropping a little extra in the jar at a convenience store to help local youth organizations.

Password Management: A Key Element of Estate Planning

At a local fitness club, members were invited at the beginning of January to post their new year’s resolutions on the large bulletin board in the central lobby. One woman, a member of a senior aerobics group, wrote that she was determined to organize her passwords.