Featured Gift Planning Articles

Bequests: You’re in Good Company

According to the 2019 edition of Giving USA, Americans donated a total of $417.7 billion to charitable causes last year, of which they gave about a tenth — $39.7 billion — by bequest. The bequest is the most popular type of planned gift, and you may be considering a charitable bequest to us and your other... Read more »

Like Graduation, a Charitable Gift Is a “Commencement”

Many of us have recently attended graduations — of children or grandchildren or maybe at our alma mater. The students who are graduating (and the parents who may be footing the bills) likely view the occasion as an ending, a conclusion of one of life’s chapters. But as we know, graduation is a commencement of... Read more »

Leveraging Matching Gifts

Jay and Katie Sekelsky use matches to maximize their gifts’ impact.

Treating Children Equally but Not the Same (and How a Charitable Gift Can Help)

Sometimes parents have good reasons to make different bequests to their children — desiring to treat them equally though not the same. And sometimes a charitable gift can help parents achieve those family objectives. Let’s suppose that a couple, Howard and Susan, have two children: a daughter, Lynn, and her younger brother, Rick. Lynn was... Read more »

Make a Legacy Gift without Changing Your Will

You may be thinking about making a legacy gift to our organization, but if you have recently updated your will, you’re probably hesitant to take the time and incur the expense of revising it.