Featured Gift Planning Articles

Charitable Provisions in Your Will? Giving during Lifetime May Yield Greater Tax Savings

Many of our friends and supporters decide to make a significant gift as part of their estates. Many others, however, accelerate their plans and make gifts during life in order to realize substantial income-tax savings. Gifts from estates are important to our mission, and you can give them in a number of ways — such... Read more »

Charitable Gifts Can Bring Tax Benefits Even If You Don’t Itemize

If your itemized deductions regularly exceed the standard income-tax deduction, you will continue to itemize and realize tax savings from your gifts to us and other charities. However, an estimated 90 percent of individuals will not itemize because of the higher standard deduction implemented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. If you’re... Read more »

An Estate-Planning Team Can Meet Your Financial, Charitable, and Personal Objectives

Estate planning is a lifelong process that continues through the accumulation, preservation, and distribution phases of our financial lives. We express our expectations and hopes for the future in the basic document of any estate plan: the will. A will represents our prediction of the future: we make fundamental decisions about the distribution of assets,... Read more »

Bequests: You’re in Good Company

According to the 2019 edition of Giving USA, Americans donated a total of $417.7 billion to charitable causes last year, of which they gave about a tenth — $39.7 billion — by bequest. The bequest is the most popular type of planned gift, and you may be considering a charitable bequest to us and your other... Read more »

Like Graduation, a Charitable Gift Is a “Commencement”

Many of us have recently attended graduations — of children or grandchildren or maybe at our alma mater. The students who are graduating (and the parents who may be footing the bills) likely view the occasion as an ending, a conclusion of one of life’s chapters. But as we know, graduation is a commencement of... Read more »