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So Where Are Your Most Important Estate-Planning Documents?

For most of us, encountering one of life’s milestones prompts us to prepare a will—and we finally go through the process of assigning assets to our loved ones and charitable beneficiaries. Often, however, the will is then tucked away in a desk drawer or safe-deposit box, all but forgotten. Where should you store your will... Read more »

Urban Foxes and Coyotes Learn to Set Aside Their Differences and Coexist

Red fox and coyote have gone against their wild instincts and learned to coexist in the urban environment of Madison and the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus.

Six Steps to Getting Your Estate Plan in Order in the New Year

Sometimes things you don’t address today can come back to haunt you tomorrow. Delaying that doctor’s appointment or putting off a visit to the mechanic about that intermittent knock in your car’s engine may seem to make sense given your busy schedule—but those decisions may prove more costly in the long run. Estate planning is... Read more »

Booming Stock Market Creates Charitable Giving Opportunities

The stock market went on quite a run in 2017, up about 25% during the course of the year. Even more impressive, it essentially went straight up throughout the year, with very few minor dips along the way. The historic run-up has left many investors with significantly appreciated stock holdings. That, of course, is what... Read more »

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy new year! Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of 2017 and toast to an incredible 2018 as we continue to move this university All Ways Forward.