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By The Book

Literary endeavors underlie the success of Susan solei Patterson ’79, MFA’82, and her husband, bestselling author James Patterson. now, to inspire giving to UW–Madison, they’ve launched an estate-gift challenge match.

A Charitable Gift Can Help Pay for College.

By the end of Labor Day week, virtually all students will be back to school — from kindergarten through graduate school. For parents and grandparents, a key issue is how to help pay the ever-increasing cost of higher education. For those who are also looking for a way to make a significant charitable gift, the... Read more »

Accelerating Testamentary Gift Can Yield Major Savings

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made it more difficult to pursue estate-tax savings from charitable giving. TCJA doubled the estate- and gift-transfer-tax exemptions to approximately $22 million for a married couple, leaving just a fraction of one percent of taxpayers subject to those taxes. But there are creative ways for donors to... Read more »

Four Couples Look at Capital Gains

Imagine four couples with varying incomes, each of whom purchased a hundred shares of XYZ company stock for $10,000 in early 2009 and sold their shares this year for $30,000, realizing $20,000 of capital gain. What federal tax rate would each couple pay? And what would be the tax savings of making a charitable gift... Read more »

8 Life Changes That Should Prompt a Review of Your Estate Plan

Summertime is a season of change:  graduations, weddings, and births all spike in the summer. A change in your family makes a good time to review your will and estate plan. What conditions have changed since you first drafted your will? What plans do you need to reexamine in light of new circumstances? Do your... Read more »