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Where There’s a Will …

There are many forms of planned giving. But which are right for you?

The Bell Lap of Life May Include a Legacy Gift to Charity

In the summer Olympics 10,000-meter race, a runner must complete 25 laps around an Olympic-sized track. When the lead runner begins that last lap, fans ring a bell to signal that the race’s end is near. Thus the final lap of a distance race is known as “the bell lap.” A person diagnosed with Stage... Read more »

How Much Is Enough for Retirement?

Charitable Gifts Can Help You Find the Answer.

Address Charitable Goals and Care for Loved Ones at the Same Time

Sometimes our personal and charitable goals appear to be in conflict: there just aren’t enough resources to do all we would like to do. But careful and creative planning can often allow us to do more than we thought possible. Consider “Anne,” a faithful Badger who also provides financial assistance to a loved one. Anne... Read more »

Many Donors Give Appreciated Property to Charity at Year-End — Even if They Aren’t Going to Itemize

Looking for a way to improve your financial picture before the clock strikes 12 on December 31? Giving appreciated property to charity may be the answer. One of the most effective ways to deal with your year-end tax situation is by maximizing deductions that reduce your taxable income. The most flexible tool at your disposal... Read more »