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Wisconsin Ideas: Milwaukee

600 Badgers gathered in Milwaukee to celebrate the innovations, enthusiasms, and generosity of some exceptional Badgers.

Personalized Cancer Care

In a highly successful, first-of-its-kind endeavor, a multidisciplinary team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have created a “tumor in a dish” that can accurately anticipate a multiple myeloma patient’s response to a drug. The advance could mean a giant step forward in efforts to tailor medical treatment plans to individual patients.

Everyone Belongs in Education

Badgers open doors. The Raimey-Noland Campaign is another step in UW–Madison’s efforts to promote a sense of belonging among all members of the campus community. Within every program on campus, we hope to see a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. This campaign draws attention to and seeks support for work that creates a community of… Read more »