When we look back at 2015 and 2016, we’ll see a period of building for the future.

Some of this building has been literal: this period saw the beginning of construction work on One Alumni Place (now substantially complete) and Alumni Park (now much advanced). Both will play vital roles in WFAA’s future, and in the future of alumni relations at UW–Madison. When it opens, One Alumni Place will be the new home for alumni on campus. Just as the Wisconsin Union gives students a campus living room, One Alumni Place will give Badger grads a place to relax, find out what’s going on at the UW, meet with friends, and attend events.

Alumni Park is going to provide a stunning new destination on campus. When it’s done, it will connect the Memorial Union Terrace with One Alumni Place and Library Mall. And it’s more than just a pretty spot — it’s also a storytelling park. It will show visitors the greatest expression of the Wisconsin Idea: the alumni who have used what they learned on campus to change the world.

But we’ve also been building in a more metaphorical sense. WFAA continues to develop a coordinated advancement program for UW–Madison. We held a series of alumni events around the country — from Naples, Florida, to Milwaukee to New York to Madison, and then on to San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis. These helped to engage Badgers where they live. They helped to spread the word about the great teaching and research that’s going on right here in Madison, and they helped alumni to learn about the All Ways Forward comprehensive campaign, which had its public launch in October 2015.

We developed a new, integrated career-mentoring program that launched in the spring of 2016 and links alumni with each other and increasingly with students as well. And we collaborated with schools, colleges, and other campus units to help them speak to and engage with their grads.

This report highlights the work we’ve done and the work we’re doing. As you read it, you’ll feel the building power of UW alumni.

Engagement Stories from the Annual Report

A Bridge to the Working World

Badger Bridge links students and alumni with mentors to help facilitate career advancement.

Solid State

Through Project 72, WFAA shares some of the myriad ways in which UW–Madison and Wisconsin continue to shape each other.

Red (Shirt) Talks

Designer Virgil Abloh speaks at a Homecoming event.

Hawks Soars

In one of 2015’s most celebrated discoveries, anthropologists found the remains of a new hominid species in a cave in South Africa, and UW–Madison had a role in that find.