Previous Years

2012 – Barton Creek Resort and Spa, Austin, Texas

Steve Ackerman – Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

  • “Satellites Over Wisconsin”
  • “Is Extreme the New Normal?”

Julie Mead – Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

  • “Courting Education”
  • “Student Speech, Technology and Bullying”

John Witte – Department of Political Science

  • “‘Is the University of Wisconsin Becoming too Elite?”
  • “Will Obama Be a One-Term President?”

2011 – Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California

Richard J. Davidson – Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

  • “What’s Your Emotional Style?”
  • “Change Your Brain by Transforming Your Mind”

Caroline Levine – Department of English

  • “Provoking Democracy: Why We Need the Arts”
  • “Professors in Popular Culture”

Scott A. Rankin – Department of Food Science

  • “‘Got Milk?’ Gets Complicated”
  • “Cheeses Demystified: Choose with the Confidence of a Gourmet”

2010 – Bellasera Hotel, Naples, Florida

Wendy C. Crone – Department of Engineering Physics

  • “Exploring the Nanoworld”
  • “Tissue Engineering: Innovations at the Interface of Biology and Engineering”

Dennis G. Maki – School of Medicine and Public Health

  • “H1N1 Flu in Real Time”
  • “Is Our Food Safe?”

Stephen J. A. Ward – School of Journalism and Mass Communication

  • “Living Through a Media Revolution: Can Good Journalism Survive?”
  • “You Be the Editor. Ethical Quandaries in the Newsroom”

2009 – Tubac Golf Resort and Spa, Tubac, AZ

David Morgan – History and Religious Studies

  • “Children of Abraham – Understanding Islam in a Wider Religious Context”
  • “The Identity of Modern Iran: the Mongol and Safavid Contributions”

Jonathan Patz – Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

  • “Global Climate Change and Health: Risks and Solutions”
  • “Will the Bugs Win? Understanding Land Use Change and Implication for Infectious Disease”

Joann Peck – Wisconsin School of Business

  • “The Hand of Judgment: How Your Sense of Touch Can Influence Your Purchase Decisions”
  • “Why Did I Do That? Persuasion Tactics Used to Influence”

2008 – Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, FL

Patricia Flatley Brennen – School of Nursing and College of Engineering

  • “SMART Patient: How the Internet Can Make You Healthy”
  • “The ‘Cell Phone that Reads Your Mind’ and the ‘Dinner Plate that Knows What’s on It’: Technology in Support of Personal Health”

Clive Svendsen – Wisconsin Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center

  • “Ethical Issues Involved with Using Stem Cells for Human Diseases”
  • “Stem Cells and the New Regenerative Medicine for Patients: Hype or Hope?”

Kenneth Goldstein – Political Science

  • “Road to the White House”
  • “Campaign Advertising and American Democracy”

2007 – Hotel Zoso, Palm Springs, CA

Cynthia Haq – Center for Global Health/Family Medicine and Population Health Services

  • “The Global Aids Pandemic and Stories of Hope From Uganda”
  • “Health and the Millennium Development Goals”

Mark Markel – Veterinary Medicine

  • “Fracture Repair: Enhancing the Lives of Both Animals and Humans”
  • “What’s Being Done to Help My Aching Joints?”

Randall Dunham – School of Business

  • “Globalization: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”
  • “Managing Change for Work and Life”

2006 – Casa Monica Hotel, St. Augustine, FL

Dr. Mark Sager – Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute

  • “The Changing Image of Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • “The Myths and Realities Surrounding the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease”

Jeremi Suri – History

  • “Looking Back on the 1960s: History and Contemporary Legacies”
  • “Henry Kissinger and American Foreign Policy

Norma Saldivar – University Theatre

  • “Traveling the Country Region by Region: An Exploration of the American Regional Theatre Circuit”
  • “Federal Theater Project: How Roosevelt Introduced Hallie Flannigan and American Theatre to the New Deal”

2005 – Westward Look Resort, Tucson, AZ

James Baughman – Journalism and Mass Communication

  • “Thank You for Letting Us Into Your Home: The Debate Over American Television, 1948-60”
  • “What Happened to American Journalism, 1960-2004?”

Jeanette Roberts – Pharmacy

  • “Why Do My Drugs Cost So Much??!!”
  • “Herbal Medicines: Help, Hype or Hoax?”

Russell Panczenko and Paula Panczenko – Chazen Museum of Art and Tandem Press

  • “Unravel the Mysteries of Artistic Creation”
  • “Behind the Scenes With Professional Art Collectors”

2004 – The Mills House Hotel, Charleston, SC

Ann Smart Martin – Elvehjem Museum of Art

  • “Did George Washington Sit Here? The Material Culture of Early America”
  • “Buying into the World of Goods in Virginia 1750-1810”

David Rakel – Family Medicine

  • “How a Hug Heals: The Interconnection of Mind and Body in Health”
  • “All Together Now: An Integrative Approach to Breast and Prostate Cancer”

John Karl Scholz – Economics

  • “Tax Policy and the 2004 Election”
  • “Poor in America: The Problem and Steps in the Right Direction”

2003 – The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Javier Calderon – Music

  • “The Classical Guitar in Europe”
  • “The Classical Guitar in the Americas”

Martha (Meg) Gaines – Law; Center for Patient Partnerships

  • “An Odyssey of Hope”
  • “A Crow’s Nest View”

Charles (Chuck) Jones – Political Science

  • “The Bush Presidency: A Perfect Tie, a 50-50 Congress and War”
  • “The 2004 Presidential Election” An Early Review of Politics, Candidates and Issues”

2002 – The Woodlands, Houston, TX

Mimmi Fulmer – Music (Anthony Cao)

  • “New Music: The Adventure of Working with Composers, Scores and Recording CDs”
  • “Something Old, Something New: Music from 1200 to the Present”

Ned Kalin – Psychiatry and Psychology

  • “HealthEmotions: Birth of a New Science”
  • “Harnessing the Power of Positive Emotions”

Harrison Schmitt – Geologist and Former Astronaut

  • “A Trip to the Moon”
  • “Fusion: The Space Connection”

2001 – Mission Inn, Howey-in-the-Hills, Orlando, FL

Louis Holland

  • “Stock & Bond Market Outlook From a Historical Perspective-Are We Near the End of the New Paradigm for Financial Assets?”
  • “Investment Questions & Answers”

Michael Pariza – Food Research

  • “Two Buckets, the Wisconsin Economy and Food Safety”
  • “How Food Safety Research Benefits Eyes and Waistlines”

Carol Ryff – Psychology (Institute on Aging)

  • “Longevity Revolution: UW on the Cutting Edge of Aging Studies”
  • “Secrets of Mind/Body Aging”

2000 – The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

R. Alta Charo – Law, Medical Ethics

  • “Our Bodies, Ourselves”
  • “The Clone Age”

Erhard Joeres – Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • “The Hydrological Cycle and Urban Landscapes-Water Runs Downhill”
  • “Conservation Design-Keep the Water on the Land”

Donald Kettl – Public Affairs and Political Science

  • “The Presidential Election: Making Sense of Policy and Politics”
  • “Clueless in the Capitol-Sorting Out the Federal Government’s Job”

1999 – St. Anthony, San Antonio, TX

Deborah Blum – Journalism

  • “Power Plays” Understanding the Biology of Power”
  • “Sex, Lies, Testosterone: Some Insights into Hormones and Behavior”

Richard Moss – Physiology

  • “Affairs of the Heart-Delivering the Promise of Heart Disease Research”
  • “The Beat Goes on-The Rhythms of the Heart”

Phillip Pellitteri – Entomology

  • “Look Who’s Making Headlines: Insects in the News”
  • “It’s Time to Make Peace with the Landlord: Who is in Control Here?”

1998 – Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island, GA

John Kaminski – History

  • “Debating the Ratification of the Constitution”
  • “And You Thought You Knew George Washington”

Gloria Ladson -Billings – Education

  • “Public Education for the Public Good”
  • “The Lure and Lore of the Language: The Ebonics Debate”

John Magnuson – Limnology, Oceanography

  • “Endangered Species – Can we Save Them?”
  • “Invisible Places in the Invisible Present: A Look at Long-term Ecological Research”

1997 – Starr Pass, Tucson, AZ

John (Jay) Gallagher – Astronomy

  • “Milking Knowledge for the Cosmos with the WIYN Telescope”

Emily Auerbach – Literature

  • “Jane Austen with the Courage to Write”
  • “Why did Mark Twain Hate Jane Austen?”

1996 – La Casa De Maria, Santa Barbara, CA

William Cronon

Virginia Hinshaw

John Wiley