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Patients, Families Join Wedding Party

Dr. Taryn Bragg celebrated her wedding with her patients at the American Family Children’s Hospital and designated gifts to benefit the institution.

Will Provision Works Best

Even though he graduated from Northwestern University, Robert P. “Bob” Gleason has always held the University of Wisconsin-Madison, particularly its athletic teams, close to his heart.

Kayla Steinhorst- Living Up to Her Potential

Kayla Steinhorst from Baraboo, Wisconsin, believes the UW-Madison will allow her to reach her educational potential, and she wrote that she also appreciates Madison’s unique and exciting atmosphere. The Gwen P. Shapiro Rural Nursing Scholarship isn’t just a monetary award for Steinhorst; it’s a recognition of her hard work and her parents’ commitment to help her as much as they can, despite tough economic times.

Rebecca Skowronski

Rebecca “Becca” Skowronski, a senior in the School of Pharmacy, was attracted to the field when she job shadowed a local pharmacist during high school. Her career goals became more specific — to work in intensive care or oncology — after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. While her mother underwent a second round of… Read more »