New Member Spotlight: Karen Klein ’92

Karen Klein '92

Raised in Neillsville, WI, Karen Klein ’92 is passionate about the UW. She is an avid Badger football fan, loves to travel, and consistently seeks opportunities to make a positive impact. Her ongoing philanthropy focuses on education, and she is thrilled to join the Wisconsin Philanthropy Council (WPC) in support of the university

What is your hometown?
I was born in Milwaukee and raised in Neillsville, WI. I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago

How did you hear about the WPC?
I learned about the WPC as part of my research on the various options for donating to UW–Madison and was very inspired by the description of the council.

Describe your connection to UW–Madison.
I am a 1992 graduate and was active on Homecoming committee and in the Greek system. My husband, who is not a UW alum, proposed to me on the Memorial Union. My oldest daughter completed her coursework at UW–Madison in December 2021 and will graduate this May. She has also been a very active member on Homecoming committee and in the Greek system, as well as serving as the sports editor of the Daily Cardinal. I have been a football season ticket holder for over 20 years. My husband is fond of wearing his “I Married into This” Badger T-shirt on game days.

How do you spend your time (working, volunteering, hobbies, family, etc.)?
I work full-time as a lawyer. I also serve as the chair of the advisory board at my law school and as a member of the board of trustees of another university. Our leisure time is spent attending sporting events and traveling. I previously worked in the travel industry for 18 years and believe firmly in a “life well-traveled.” My philanthropic efforts are all focused on education.

What is something important/fun for the WPC to know about you? 
Bucky was an usher at my wedding!