Badger Call Assistant

We are looking for a dynamic Badger Call Assistant & Social Media Coordinator! This position works in coordination with the Badger Call Manager to maintain call center needs and social media platforms. This position will help with day to day functions of the call center in addition to expanding our social media reach.

Essential Functions

I. Keep track of daily attendance

  • Listen to call off voicemails and forward any important donor voicemails to Badger Call Manager.
  • Update Humanity with any shift changes.
  • Update Attendance Tracker with any call offs, No Call, No Shows, Tardies, or Exam Excusals.

II. Maintain Retention Tracker

  • Update Retention Tracker with new hires and any employees no longer employed at Badger Call.

III. Update Time Sheets

  • Enter any time sheets from the “forgot to clock in sheet”
  • Adjust any time clocks of callers who forgot to clock out
  • Add bonus hours as needed

IV. Update all social media platforms

  • Make weekly and timed posts that promote both Badger Call and its employees.

V. Manage the call center’s office supplies needs

  • Keep track of any items the call center may need and update the Badger Call Manager when new supplies are needed

VI. Support a service-oriented atmosphere in accordance with WFAA mission, values and philosophy

  • The transforming impact of the UW Madison;
  • The treatment of all with high ethical and behavioral standards including honesty,
    integrity, respect, courtesy, and dignity;
  • The spirit, involvement, participation, engagement, and impact of alumni and friends with the UW-Madison and with each other;
  • The joy of giving and the power of philanthropy;
  •  The interdependent nature of all aspects of the Parties’ collective relationships in fulfilling their missions; and
  • The highest level of stewardship of the investment of donors’ philanthropy in support of the UW-Madison and the relationships and trust accrued through
    alumni development and engagement activities.

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