Meat and Muscle Biology Lab/Building

The meat tradition runs deep in Wisconsin, a land of 500 processors. The northern Europeans who settled the state 150 years ago introduced dairy farming and its sister, meat processing. Today, America’s Dairyland has become the largest processing state east of the Mississippi.

Wisconsin’s meat industry

  • contributes $12 billion to the state’s economy,
  • provides 88,000 rural and urban jobs, and
  • pays $450 million in state and local taxes.

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The UW-Madison’s meat science and muscle biology program has improved meat quality and safety for almost 70 years. As new technology and increasing concern about food-borne pathogens change and challenge the meat industry, the University’s meat/muscle researchers collaborate with microbiologists, pharmacists, medical and veterinary researchers across campus, finding needed answers for consumers, processors, ingredient companies and equipment manufacturers.

A gift to the new Meat and Muscle Biology Lab is an investment in a new era of meat research, education and outreach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

  • anticipating the next pathogens and how to control them,
  • enhancing the overall value of the food animal,
  • educating meat industry leaders and meat inspectors,
  • combating top health concerns such as heart disease, and
  • attracting and retaining top students and faculty.