Packaging/Submitting Your Proposal

Congratulations! You have written your proposal and are now ready to assemble the required documents to accompany your proposal.

You will need:

Depending on stated requirements by the entity, you may also need to include:

  • An operating budget for your project.
  • Form 990PF from the Department of Revenue (available online usually at founder’s website).
  • List of foundation/corporate organizational support to your project (if applicable) for prior fiscal year and indicate level of support.
  • Resumes of important faculty associated with your project.

Finally: “Packaging your Package”

  1. Consider using FedEx over regular mail if time is short or you want to ensure prompt/guaranteed delivery. Also, studies indicate that sending the proposal package BEFORE the final deadline could give the recipient of the package more time to read before the rush of last minute submissions.
  2. A suggestion: Enclosing your proposal and relevant attachments in a UW Foundation “Philanthropy makes the difference” folder with your business card attached.