Encouraging Gifts to Support Campus

Donors do not give to the Foundation, they give to the university.

The Foundation believes that good relationships lead to gifts for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Focused priorities also are key to successful development.

Each step of the process is critical. University administrators, faculty and staff are vital partners in the development team that nurtures good partnerships with donors, beginning with identifying potential givers.

What is development?

Development is the process of encouraging gifts. It is a deliberate and thoughtful process that includes:

  • understanding campus priorities
  • carefully identifying prospects
  • matchmaking between donors and university ideas
  • building relationships through understanding donors’ interests, providing information and inviting them to become involved in the university
  • saying thank you in a variety of ways – from thank you letters and events to gift impact reports – to nurture long-term, positive relationships with donors
Development: The act, process or result of developing. The art and science of finding gifts for the university.