Working with Corporations and Foundations

The Foundation’s Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team works with deans, faculty and academic staff to write, review and submit proposals for private support to corporations and foundations to fund University priorities.

These contributions are considered donor-driven gifts; they are not funding for sponsored research or contract projects; they do not generally require a deliverable beyond post gift statement and financial report, which the Foundation will provide as part of its stewardship activities.

The Foundation’s CFR team supports efforts to find and secure funding for general and specific purposes, including faculty research, graduate fellowships, undergraduate scholarships and building projects.

Research and Sponsored Programs

Research and Sponsored ProgramsThe University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) handles federal government funding for research and other programs. It also handles funding for research with specific deliverables, such as patent rights or a claim to research results or other proprietary information with potential commercial benefits. For information on federal research grants please contact RSP directly.

Office of Corporate Relations

Office of Corporate RelationsThe UW Foundation’s CFR team works in close partnership with the University’s Office of Corporate Relations (OCR). Established in 2003, OCR serves as the front door to university resources for business and industry and focuses on providing service to companies in the areas of recruitment, executive education, accessing faculty and staff, enhancing global competency and fostering entrepreneurship.

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