Alumni Stories

Jeff Snyder- Start Myself on this Trajectory

Without the Hilldale Undergraduate Research Grant at UW-Madison, I would not have had the freedom and resources to start myself on this trajectory when I did, and I may not have found my way to the creative and exciting field I work in today.

Sheila Keaton- I get what students are going through

I was living and working off campus my sophomore year. I was paying for school on my own, and I had an intense and draining job. It was rough. Things turned around for me when I came back to campus as a House Fellow.

Steven Sapkin, M.D.– Learning Life and Living

I enrolled at UW-Madison as a pre-med student in the fall of 1960, having received a full-tuition scholarship provided by the University. Good fortune smiled down on me when Dr. Irving Shain was assigned as my student advisor.

Michael M. T. Henderson- Most Enjoyable Years

Three of the most enjoyable years of my life were 1969-72, when I was housed on the 11th floor of Van Hise. I had no idea that school could be so much fun.