Mission, Beliefs and Values

UW Foundation in Fall

WFAA Mission

To promote the welfare of and advance the objectives of the University of Wisconsin-Madison by encouraging the interest, engagement, and financial support of alumni, donors, and friends in the life of the University and with each other.

WFAA Organizational Beliefs

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a transforming impact on students, alumni, and society.
  • Authentic, lifelong relationships and engagement with alumni, donors and friends are fundamental to sustaining the reputation and continued success of the University.
  • Philanthropy has an essential and growing importance on the future progress of UW-Madison.
  • The highest level of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility in financial, investment, data and gift administration is vital to maintaining trust with our stakeholders.
  • Diverse views, experiences and perspectives strengthen WFAA and the university community.

WFAA Organizational Values

  • We are serious about delivering results.
  • We work together as a team and with our campus partners.
  • We are committed to alumni, donors, volunteers, and others who count on us.
  • We are open-minded.
  • We create a positive work environment.