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Four Couples Look at Capital Gains

Imagine four couples with varying incomes, each of whom purchased a hundred shares of XYZ company stock for $10,000 in early 2009 and sold their shares this year for $30,000, realizing $20,000 of capital gain. What federal tax rate would each couple pay? And what would be the tax savings of making a charitable gift… Read more »

Gifts from Retirement Plans at Death

Retirement-plan benefits often make an excellent choice for funding a testamentary charitable gift to the UW. Not only will such a gift escape federal income tax, but it will also avoid any potential federal estate tax. This combination of income taxes and estate taxes could result in a tax hit of more than 62 percent… Read more »

Tangible Personal Property

As with gifts of long-term capital-gain securities or real estate, you are entitled to a charitable deduction for a gift of long-term capital-gain such as works of art, rare books, and stamp or coin collections, (The capital-gain tax rate on such assets is 28 percent.) How much you can deduct depends on the standard of… Read more »

Campus Acronyms

UWF is not WARF, WAA or UWMF. WAA Wisconsin Alumni Association, was organized in 1861 and provides marketing, communications, services and programs that link alumni to the University, the University to alumni and alumni to each other. The dues-supported, nonprofit organization is open to all alumni, students and friends of the University. WARF Wisconsin Alumni… Read more »

Wisconsin Union

Since 1928, the Union has been an important part of the campus community. Long considered the campus “living room,” the Memorial Union and Union South serve thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members who continue the tradition of attending art exhibits in Union galleries, meeting friends and future spouses on the Terrace or… Read more »