Annual Report

Connecting People, Inspiring Ideas

The University of Wisconsin Foundation engages those who care about the University of Wisconsin; provides opportunities to enhance its teaching, research, and outreach programs; and guarantees ethical stewardship of the gifts received.

The return on an investment in the university is far-reaching and never-ending. This annual report on stewardship contains stories that illustrate the impact of your gifts and recognizes the critical role you play in the future of the university. It also describes the Foundation’s investment strategy and performance.

Six Numbers to Remember

Graphic of the number 79K

In 2014, more than 79,000 donors gave to UW-Madison through the UW Foundation — to be exact, 79,535 individuals, entities, and organizations. That’s a 4 percent increase over 2013.

Graphic of the number 854

A flock of hundreds of plastic pink flamingos represented the 854 pledges to the UW Annual Campaign during the 24-hour Fill the Hill event in October.

Graphic of the number 122

New professorships, chairs, and distinguished chairs created through the aid of the Morgridge Match. In addition, the match inspired enhancement to 47 existing funds.

Graphic of the number $25M

With a gift of $25 million, the Grainger Foundation helped to create the UW’s new Engineering Institute. The gift will fund 25 new faculty positions.

Graphic of the number 388

The UW opened its 388th building in 2014 when the School of Nursing cut the ribbon on its new home, Signe Skott Cooper Hall. The hall was built at a cost of $53.3 million, $17.4 million of which came from private gifts.

Graphic of the number 315

There will be 315 seats in the recital hall of the Hamel Music Center, to be built starting in 2015 with the aid of a gift from George and Pamela Hamel.

Stories from the Annual Report

Morgridge Match Spurs Rapid Growth

The alumni who attended Wisconsin Ideas events in Naples and Milwaukee know that a Bill Cronon talk is a real treat. Cronon wowed the crowds when he spoke about the history of UW-Madison.

Scholarship Gifts Open Doors

When Albert “Ab” Nicholas played guard for the Badger men’s basketball team, an out-of-state student with a minimum-wage job could earn a semester’s tuition at the University of Wisconsin with 280 hours of work. Today it would take nearly a full year, working full time.

Gifts from Alumni Have the Union Reaching New Heights

Accomplished with the assistance of private giving and student fees, the Memorial Union Reinvestment is giving a facelift to the building that has been the campus’s living room for nearly nine decades — the first major renovation in its history.

Seeds for the Future

Throughout 2014, the UW Foundation placed its focus not on the present, but on creating fertile ground for the university’s growth into the future. Increasingly, our eyes have turned toward the coming comprehensive campaign, an effort to help the UW make a major leap forward.

Grainger Gift Engineers a Brighter Future for Engineers

Dan Thoma is looking to redefine the technological age in which we live. “The ages of human development are based on the materials peoples of the day used: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age,” he told the UW College of Engineering. “Technology is the driver. Materials are the enabler, so that discovery point is really what impacts society.”