Your Will Is Just One Source of Charity

When developing an estate plan, it is essential to coordinate probate assets (those that pass under your will) and non-probate assets (those that pass outside your will). Failure to do this can result in unintended inequities.

Lead Network & Security Engineer

The primary purpose of this position is to lead the design and management of the network infrastructure and is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of information security for the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association (WFAA).

Lorna Wendt Gift will Launch Women’s Campus Initiative

A 1965 graduate of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science, Lorna Wendt is a proponent of fairness and equality in marriage and divorce. This has led to a gift she has made that will launch the MORE (Money + Relationships + Equality) program, one of the core principles of the campus-wide 4W Initiative (For Women, For Well-being, For Wisconsin and the World).