Women’s Philanthropy Council

Women's Philanthropy CouncilThe University of Wisconsin Foundation’s women’s philanthropy program was founded in 1988 and pioneered the women’s philanthropy movement in higher education. The program was the first major gifts and leadership initiative for women at a co-educational institution. It has since become a model for organizations across the country.

Mission. The mission of the women’s philanthropy program is to inspire, encourage and advocate for women to publicly give major gifts to the University area of their own choosing, in their own name.

Key Priorities

  • Activities of the Women’s Philanthropy Council
  • Collaborative Giving Project
  • Biennial Forum on Women and Philanthropy
  • Leadership Development

Council Members

The Women’s Philanthropy Council is the twenty-five member advisory group to the Foundation’s women’s philanthropy program and is a top leadership development opportunity for women at the University. The chair of the Council serves ex-officio on the UW Foundation Board of Directors for one non-renewable three-year term. The current chair is Judy Jorgensen, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

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