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Agronomy graduate student Camilla Vargas

Collaboration and innovation flourish in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Through outreach, research and education, the College meets the challenges of a changing landscape marked by

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  • an exploding knowledge of fundamental biology,
  • increasing challenges and opportunities in agriculture, and
  • mounting concerns about how to protect farms, preserve natural resources, promote good health and secure a more sustainable energy future.

At its core, the College fosters communities of expertise – among researchers, faculty and students in cooperation with business, industry and government. It has a rich history of finding practical answers to everyday challenges, from breeding hybrid crops to revitalize the state’s agricultural markets to identifying vitamins essential to human health.

CALS remains committed to discovering the means to improve the lives of Wisconsin’s citizens: Building environmentally friendly homes economically and identifying the effects of urban sprawl, supporting Wisconsin’s flourishing cheese industry and producing energy from wood chips and plant stalks.

Private support helps CALS build on its 120-year tradition to ensure a future of excellence, innovation, accountability and practicality. Working with the CALS development team, the College has identified four funding priorities as it tackles 21st century problems.

  • Annual Fund
  • Center for Dairy Research/Dairy Plant
  • Meat and Muscle Biology Lab/Building
  • Wisconsin Rural Youth Scholarships – Need-based Aid
  • Great People Scholarship – Need-based Aid

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