Wisconsin Singers

Wisconsin Singers
Since 1967, the Wisconsin Singers have served as the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s official “Ambassadors of Goodwill,” touring around the state and nation providing world-class entertainment, educational workshops and outreach on behalf of the UW. You may be surprised to know that as a student run organization, the Singers receive no funding from the UW. Outside of contributions, the fees generated by concert sponsorships and performances are the only funding sources available to cover the Singers’ operational costs and keep this great group on the road.

Wisconsin Singers logoThe Wisconsin Singers is a program of the Division of Student Life and is composed of passionate individuals from across our campus. Only a small percentage of the Singers each year are School of Music majors, as the group draws from talented individuals majoring in business, education, engineering, medicine and many other disciplines. However, all share a deep understanding of the “Wisconsin Idea” and work hard to share their time and talents in the service of others while following their passion for performance.

After 44 years, private support continues to be critical in keeping one of the best collegiate song and dance troupes in America on the stage. Your support will help to maintain and strengthen the quality of the performances, the service component offered to K-12 music partners around the country, and the scholarship program for deserving Wisconsin Singers performers.

  • The Wisconsin Singers Fund
  • The Wisconsin Singers Matching Dollars Scholarship Fund