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Take Advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover for This Tax Year

The IRA charitable rollover has become one of the most popular ways to make gifts to charity, and many donors make IRA gifts in December as part of their year-end strategy to reduce taxes for the year. The availability of the rollover used to be up in the air from year to year—with Congress sometimes... Read more »

Spotlight on Teri Grein

Teri Grein ’16 is a program coordinator for WFAA’s Alumni Relations and Engagement division. A native of Wisconsin Rapids, she is a first-generation college graduate who worked for WAA as an intern while she was earning her degree in English and Communication Arts.

Five Ways to Make a Charitable Gift with Retirement Funds

Our donors often ask if they can make a charitable gift to support our work with some of their retirement funds. That is understandable because the balances in these funds are often larger than the owners will need for retirement security. It is, indeed, possible to make charitable gifts from these funds, but the procedure... Read more »

Three Tips on Timing Your Year-End Charitable Gift

Now that the leaves are falling, it’s high time to think about your year-end charitable gifts—and to make sure that you time them to your best advantage. The end of the year is the most popular time for charitable gifts partly because it’s the “giving season” and partly because donors are running out of time... Read more »

’69 grads Richard and Jennifer Arndt are establishing scholarships in gratitude for their educations—and their love

They met at a UW fraternity mixer (more on that later), earned three degrees from the university, and are incredibly grateful for the affordable education that launched their careers with no debt, so there was little question whether Richard and Jennifer Arndt (both class of ’69) would make a significant gift to the University of... Read more »