Diversity & Inclusion

Students in Computer Lab

The UW Foundation is committed to building an inclusive community free of social bias and exclusion. At the Foundation, diversity and inclusion are rooted in the organization’s core values, which are woven into the fabric of our culture. The Foundation recognizes the value of diversity in persons and in perspectives; values people and the differences that they bring to the organization; and creates an environment in which all staff members feel respected personally and professionally, and have opportunities in which to thrive.

The range of programs and initiatives to which our work contributes, spans every facet of life on campus and in the world community. From working with scientists studying the most basic elements of life to talking with donors inspired to support life-changing programs or areas of the University, our work is fundamentally diverse.

Just as the work done on campus benefits from differing viewpoints, perspectives and experiences, the Foundation recognizes inclusion and diversity as imperative for the success of its mission. Attracting, developing and retaining the best employees gives the UW Foundation access to new ideas, promotes better decision making and creates a working environment that promotes mutual respect, cooperation, acceptance and productivity among people from varying backgrounds.

Student Diversity & Academic Excellence

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